How many liters of paint do I need for painting?


How many liters of paint do I need for painting?

You should better hire Gikas Painting Painter, if you think you will not be able to paint your space just as well yourself. Our reader from New Jersey, Sofia, asked us how many liters it will take to paint a room. Because times are weird and financial problems give and take, it makes sense to try to save money where possible. Between us the result will not be the same as that of a professional if you try it it on your own, but why not try it too, you might be a talent!

Put the “Absolute” Color for 2021 in Different Parts of the House! Let’s start! First let us tell you how we will talk about the interior painting of the house. The exterior requires a specialist, so it is best not to experiment there.

Take a pencil and paper and do your calculations

You must first calculate the area of ​​the walls of the room in square meters (cm2). How do you do that? Measure the perimeter of the floor and the height of the room and multiply them. The result is the area of ​​the room. But you will not want to paint the windows and doors that are in it, so you must separately remove from the total area, the square meters that they cover. Multiply the height and width of the door and windows and subtract the result from the total area. So you have found the square meters of the room that need to be painted.

Caution! Before buying the paint you should see if you will need to pass the surfaces one or two “hands”, because as you understand the amount of liters will double. You can understand this from various factors, such as the smoke on the walls and the ceiling but also from whether there are imprints of your child’s artistic concerns on the walls of the house.

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Decide if you will pass your walls one or two hands.

Then you choose what kind of paint you will use. There are various types, such as Matt plastic paint, watercolor, primer and more. Each color package indicates the number of square meters that can be covered per liter. If you are going to use plastic paint which is the most common, you should also calculate the liters that will result from diluting it with water (dilution details are indicated on the package).

There are relatively frequent losses during the painting process, especially if you are trying it for the first time, so we suggest that you get a 10% more material.

In the end we are sure that you will feel very proud of your creation!

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