What kind of bags should you wear in the city?

What kind of bags should you wear in the city?

Every woman owns a number of bags τσάντες γυναικείες– in her closet. But many times, even when there are over 10 women’s bags in a woman’s possession, she will still have trouble finding the correct one for several situations. In order to avoid situations like this one, it is better to buy less bags that are more versatile and that are targeting specific occasions like the city for example.

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Cities vary in size and population but the rhythm of life is generally faster and more intense. Let alone the insane rapidity of the public transport means! Due to the fact that in the cities women are encountering many difficulties and a great number of people, it is better to have a bag that is theft-proof and comfortable.


The number one bag choice for the city is the satchel also known as the cross body bag. It can be worn around your neck and it is easier to control because you can have it right in front of you. This way, you can lay your eyes on it whenever you want and it is great because you can keep your personal belongings safe. You do not need to worry about your wallet, phone or personal documents!

The satchel bags come in various sizes and colors. Every woman has different needs so you will choose your satchel according to yours. A medium sized cross body bag is the greatest choice for the city as it can fit all of your personal items and be comfortable at the same time!

Tote bag

Another very popular yet not so safe option for a city bag is a tote bag. Its size makes it easy to carry a lot of things around with you -and believe us when we say that it can fit basically the things that a small carrier bag -τσάντες χειρός-  can fit. It is the perfect size for these women who are leaving their house early in the morning and return in the afternoon.

When you are having difficult itineraries and work schedules you need to take a lot of personal items with you. Especially women who work up until late or in night shifts. In a tote bag you are able to carry an extra change of clothes, your lunch and snacks, your water bottle and many more!

In terms of safety, it is not the ideal bag to carry in the subway or on a bus but if you are careful enough you are good to go!

Shopping bag

The shopping bag is almost identical to the tote bag but smaller in size. You are able to carry a number of things with you but this time, you are also able to close it somehow. Most shopper bags come with a zipper or a snap closing feature. Of course this makes them safer than the tote bags for when you are using the public transport means of the city!


One of the most popular and comfortable bags that women tend to prefer the last years is the backpack. You can find backpacks in various sizes, materials and colors, which makes it so much easier for women to customize and get them to fit their needs. Women that are out of the house all day can use a bigger backpack that will carry everything they need for them.

Furthermore, backpacks are the best choices for mothers who are visiting the city with their kids. You always need to have a ton of things when you are out with the little ones because let’s face it; they need more food than we do and they tend to get dirty pretty easily!

Bucket bag

If you want to be stylish when you are walking around the city or you are going at work, choose a bucket bag. Bucket bags were very popular back in 2010’s but they are still in the trends of every year. If you are going to choose one with the material that is on the trends of the season then you can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time!

Bucket bags are quite feminine but not very “spacious” so you need to keep your personal items short. No space for your lunch or your jacket! Just for a snack and maybe your charger! If you buy a bucket bag, make sure that it closes properly so that your personal items are not exposed.

Small bags/purses

If you are visiting the city for your night out or for a cup of coffee with friends then you might not need a bigger bag. When you are out for dinner for example you need a smaller bag or a clutch to complete your looks. It is a great choice if you are not very far from home and you are not using public transportation.

Many women in larger cities like New York, Paris or Milan are wearing smaller bags everyday as they are located in the most fashionable cities.

Bag material

The material of the bag plays a major role too. If you want a bag that you can wear everyday to the city you need to choose a durable material. If you choose a cheap plastic bag for example it will not last you ling enough. Opt for a canvas material if you are going to get a tote bag or the classic leather material which can last you many years if you are going to take proper care of the bag!

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